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March 2006 Mississippi Delegation

Following the devastating hurricanes Katrina and Rita in late summer 2005, the St. William community along with another Louisville church, St. Agnes, formed a partnership with three churches in Pass Christian, Mississippi. The three Mississippi churches, St. Stephen, St. Anne and St. William share the same pastor, Fr. John Ford. Several groups from the two Louisville faith communities have traveled to Pass Christian to meet with the pastor, deliver Home Depot gift cards, and to help as needed.

Group members were very touched by the efforts of the homeowners who worked side-by-side with them. They shared traumatic stories and are a witness of faith as they continue to struggle with the memories of riding out the storm. (One told of the loss of an uncle in the water surge.) Right now these families are living in small FEMA camper trailers for which they have been promised only 18 months usage.

Every evening at 6pm many people in the community gather at a feeding tent to supplement their food supply. Many are still out of work and some are living in 12’x12’ storage outbuildings. These buildings are furnished with 6 bunk beds and the people are thankful to have walls and a roof! There are no restaurants or grocery stores open closer than 12-17 miles from Pass Christian as the infrastructure has also been greatly impacted. Remember it has been almost eight months since the hurricane!

Work teams from St. William and St. Agnes are continuing a wonderful relationship in the Catholic Community of Pass Christian, Mississippi!

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