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Esquipulas Relationship Highlights

1986 Jim Flynn visits Esquipulas. (See photo)

1990 Julie Driscoll assists with elections. (See photo)

1991 Elizabeth and Felix Garza and the Katy/Tom Morton family visit Esquipulas. (Photos)

1992 Roger Davila, a teacher at the high school in Esquipulas, visits St. William.

1994 Dan Driscoll leaves Esquipulas. Maryknoll associates Annette Mandeville and Kitty Madden become the principal contacts with our Sister Parish.

1995 St. William Sister Parish committee begins meeting regularly to nurture the relationship with Esquipulas.

1996 Maryknoll Associates leave Nicaragua, focusing limited staff in El Salvador. Kitty Madden stays in Matagalpa to continue her work with Casa Materna, a residential and educational facility for women from rural areas with high risk pregnancies. Kitty becomes our principal liaison with Esquipulas.

1997 A delegation from St. William (Jo Blincoe, Julie Driscoll, Maria Scharfenberger and Joe Stoltz) visits Esquipulas and Casa Materna. A second version of the Covenant Statement is signed, and framed copies hang in both churches. (Photos)

1998 Another delegation from St. William (David Hulefeld, Joe Martos and Cindy Starr) visits Esquipulas and Casa Materna. (Photos)

1999 Padre Mangel Hernandez, new pastor in Esquipulas, visits Louisville.

2000 A delegation from St. William (Vince Grenough, Lori Mc Connell, Maria Scharfenberger and Julie Spencer) visits Esquipulas and Casa Materna, and spends several days in formation at Kairos in Managua. Jan Alexander and Julie Spencer coordinate contributions and communications from St. Francis School in Goshen, Ky. (Photos)

2001 A delegation of five people from Esquipulas planned to visit Louisville in May but were unable to do so because their visas are denied. Hopefully they will be able to come soon.

2002 A delegation of five people from Esquipulas (Fr. Marlon Velazquez Flores, Elba Espinoza Gonzalez, Jim Franklin Diaz, Mario Baldizon Zuniga, and Jose Sevilla Bermudes) will be visiting Louisville from Thursday, June 6th, until Monday, June 17th. (Photos)

2004 A delegation (Art Baltes, John Burke, John Grant, Judy Heitzman, and Maria Scharfenberger) from St. William travel to Esquipulas. (Photos)

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